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Binh An Village Resort Vung Tau
01 Tran Phu Street, Vung Tau,
Phone : 064 3510016 - 064 3510732
Mobile Phone Number : Mrs. Hieu +84 903927310 - Mr Binh: +84 908287984
Fax : (84.64) 3810 264
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Vungtau is located about 128km south east of Ho Chi Minh City. A peninsula that is surrounded by the South China Sea was once known as Cap Saint Jacques  when it was founded by the French in the XVth century. IT is the closest beach to escape the bustling noises of the big city for the local Saigonese. The beaches divided by a mountain, is composed of the front beach and back beach suitable for swimming and water-skiing. Vung Tau can be reached in two hours by car or bus. Well equipped Hydrofoil boats runs every hour from the city to Vung Tau within one hour while enjoying the scenic countryside of the saigon river.

Today the city grows on the development of oil and gas exploration and petroleum downstream industries. It is also a hot spot for weekenders. Vung Tau is the man port entrance to Saigon.

Vung Tau is divided into two seasons throughout the year. The dry season which is mostly sunny between Octorber to May with temperature 25-32oC . The rainny season starts around May and finishes in Octorber. While there can be frequent showers, they tend to be short duration and are followed br sunshine.